FUSEPod 0.5.2


FUSEPod 0.5.2

FUSEPod is a filesystem in userspace virtual mounts your iPod into a directory for browsing easy songs it contains. FUSEPod is a filesystem in userspace virtual mounts your iPod into a directory to easily navigate the songs it contains.FUSEPod can discover where your iPod is mounted, supports read-only operation, and has a configurable directory layout.Here some key features of "FUSEPod" · discover where your iPod is mounted read-only support · · layoutRequirements configurable directory: · FUSEUsage: To mount the kind of iPod on the console: fusepod [mount_to] FUSEPod If unable to find your iPod, you can specify mount point of the iPod through the IPOD_DIR environment variable is location.For example, say my iPod is mounted on / media / IPOD and I want to ride the coat fusepod at / home / Keegan / ipodYou enter in the console: IPOD_DIR = "/ media / iPod" fusepod / home / Keegan / iPod To type FUSEPod disassemble the console:. / Fusermount-u [mounted_to] Setting: A file containing the directory structure for fusepod lies in you home directory in the file file. fusepodThe works with files by substituting in the following table:% A = A = Artist% t%% Title Album =% g = Genre T = Track%% Y = Year = R Rating For example, suppose you want presentation / Testing/1/2/3 / (artist) / () title. mp3You write to the file. fusepod: / Testing/1/2/3 / a t.mp3Note% /% as the line must begin with a / character. View default. Fusepod and run the program for better understanding. (Note: The default. Fusepod is written on the first run) What's new in this version: Fixed installation with Samba. · Fusepod allow_other mount_point-o samba to allow read

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Publisher/Developer: Keegan Carruthers-Smith

Release Date: Jun 2, 2012

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