gnome-main-menu 0.9.13


gnome-main-menu 0.9.13

gnome-main-menu is a set of three utilities. It is a gnome-panel applet similarto the traditional main-menu but a few additions and changes. In particular the gnome-main-menu does not provide direct access to all the applications on the system, but rather displays user specified "favorites" and recently launched applications.Access to all the applications is made through the second of the three utilities, the application-browser, which is a larger format application than that the traditional main-menu which is managed by the window manager to allow for resizing, etc.The final utility is the gnome-control-center which is laid out exactly as the application-browser, but providing access to all the system's configuration utilities.Both the application-browser and the gnome-control-center are accessible directly from the main-menu.Installation:A standard combination of ... ./configure --prefix=< install_dir > make make installshould suffice.*Note*As for the "recently used applications" functionality, this requires patched versions of gnome-desktop and gnome-panel.These patches are available in the patch subdir.Usage:After installing a "Gnome Main Menu" applet should appear in your "Add to panel ..." dialog.Requirements:

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Publisher/Developer: Gnome Main Menu Team

Release Date: Aug 29, 2012

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