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Text::CSV 1.13

values separated by commas manipulator (using XS or PurePerl) Text:: CSV is a Perl module that provides facilities for composition and decomposition of values separated by commas with the text: CSV_XS or its Perl pure example version.An Text:: CSV class can combine fields into a CSV string and parse a string in CSV fields.The module accepts either strings or files as input and can use all the characters specified by the user as delimiters, separators, and escapes so it is perhaps better called ASV (anything separated values), rather than simply CSV.SYNOPSIS use Text:: CSV $ csv = Text:: CSV-> new () ; # create a new object # If you want to handle non-ascii char. $ Csv = Text:: CSV-> new ((binary => 1)) $ status = $ csv-> combine (@ columns); # combine columns into a string $ line = $ csv-> string (); # get the combined string $ status = $ csv-> parse ($ line) # parse a CSV string into fields @ columns = $ csv-> Fields () # get the parsed fields $ status = $ csv-> status () # get the latest status bad_argument $ = $ csv-> error_input () # get the most recent bad argument $ diag = $ csv-> error_diag () # If an error occurred, explains why $ status = $ csv-> print ($ io, $ colref) # Write an array of fields # immediately to a file $ io $ colref = $ csv-> getline ($ io) # Read a line from file $ io, # analyze it and return an array # ref of fields $ csv-> column_name (@ names); # Set column names getline_hr () ref = $ csv-> getline_hr ($ io); # getline () but returns a hashref $ eof = $ csv-> eof () # Parse last Indicate whether or # getline () hit EOF $ csv-> types (@ t_array) # Set column types

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Publisher/Developer: Makamaka Hannyaharamitu

Release Date: Jun 7, 2012

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